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New Cubs In Ranthambhore!
Recent days were very lucky for Ranthambhore. The park had 09 new cubs today. T 5( tiger no) & T 13 had two & three cubs respectively. The tigress T05 is from zone no 05 ( Kachida valley area). T 13 is form Khandar area ( not allowed for tourists) But it is seen that T13 is spending time out side the park becoz her area has occupied by two other male tigers. This is all nature where survival of the fittest applies. Upto now crops are helping T13 as cover to its Family. So if every thing goes well Ranthambhore will have good tiger sightings as before. After sifting of 05 tigers to Sariska natioanl park the sighting has gone down by atleast 30 %.
Aditya Singh, Naturalist.